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  • Ariete


    March 21 / April 20

    Cardinal Sign, Fire, ruled by Mars. Proverbial his impetuosity in relationships with others and in love. Tries at all costs to shine, to emerge considering both an explorer is an innovator who is more concerned with the results, that the position and power. Stimulating the circulation of the body is theRED JASPER and GARNET favor both the stability and the emergence of a combative and tenacious character, helping the individual to pursue to the end their own purposes.

  • Toro


    April 21 / May 20

    Sign fixed to the Earth, ruled by Venus. Sign represented by an animal has always been considered a symbol of strength and power. Famous for his patience, when it is put to the test is capable of unexpected reactions "heads down". JADE and AVENTURINE have the stones to describe this sign because that play a rebalancing, promoting relaxation and allowing to recover his strength, counteracts the irosità and promotes tolerance

  • Gemelli


    May 21 / June 21

    Sign of the mobile, Air, ruled by Mercury. E 'among the most fickle and curious signs of the Zodiac. In the cycle of life to this sign corresponds the age of learning. Eternal teenagers constantly looking for new experiences are supported by inventiveness uncommon that helps them to extricate brilliantly out of trouble in any situation. To support, protect and provide the necessary willpower, particularly suitable is the AGATE, a stone that is formed with a very slow process characterized by solidity and reliability. The FLUORITE instead makes creative and imaginative extolling the desire for freedom.

  • Cancro


    June 22 / July 22

    Cardinal Sign, Water, ruled by the Moon. To his well-known sweetness joins often a certain indolence which makes it a bit 'slow in the initiatives. But when he made a decision, rarely comes back. HYALINE QUARTZ (ROCK CRYSTAL) colorless and transparent makes the individual sincere and impartial, strengthening the ability to understand others and stimulating self-knowledge. What other stone is more suitable for this sign ruled by the moon, if not the MOONSTONE that name and for its beautiful reflections recalls this fascinating satellite.

  • Leone


    July 23 / August 23

    Fixed Sign, Fire, ruled by the Sun. It 'a winning character and shatters every difficulty with the method, decision, perseverance. Expects the best out of life, and the claims even if it means having to use force. Considered a symbol of divine vision EYE OF THE TIGER is believed to aid in pursuing the righteous goals without aggression and precipitation. The CITRINE however, regarded by the ancients the "materialization of the Sun" is an inexhaustible supply of energy by acting as a magnet, attracting towards the wearer the best on the material and the noblest in the spiritual plane.

  • Vergine


    August 24 / September 22

    Sign of the mobile, Earth, ruled by Mercury. His great qualities are the good will and perseverance in work. But when life does not pay off in the right way becomes impatient not tolerating mishaps. Called the stone of love, beauty, feelings of vitality and joy of living the ROSE QUARTZ is perfectly in tune with the qualities of the sign. Traditionally RHODONITE is considered "the stone of reconciliation" as it helps to bring peace and harmony where there is conflict by promoting understanding and friendship

  • Bilancia


    September 23 / October 22

    Cardinal Sign, Air, ruled by Venus. He loves all that is beautiful, relaxing, fun. Does not have a character frivolous but is inclined to be seduced by the things silly and ephemeral. The ability to see both sides of the same coin, however, can prove to be harmful to others because of the eternal indecision that accompanies it. CHALCEDONY and AMAZONITE are the stones that best suit the characteristics of the sign representing both aspects of communication: the ability to listen and understand, and to make himself understood.

  • Scorpione


    October 23 / November 22

    Fixed sign, Water, ruled by Mars. Her sensuality is strong, as well as its sensitivity. He needs love deeply, and pretend with all his might. But he also knows reciprocate generously. Always curious to know the result of endless sensations as many new experiences. That is why the CARNELIAN and AMBER provide you that special protection against all forms of sadness, negativity and pessimism.

  • Sagittario


    November 23 / December 21

    Mobile Sign, Fire, ruled by Jupiter. His need for a stable love and a deep contentment psychophysical allow him to establish deep and lasting romantic relationships, but not free from jealousy and uncertainties. Well suited to this restless spirit force balancing and calming of AMETYST but which must be avoided when trying strength and combativeness. The stone TURQUOISE will protect the long journey of life this free spirit that does not belong to anyone.

  • Capricorno


    December 22 / January 20

    Cardinal sign, Earth, ruled by Saturn. Has a character only seems cold and indifferent, but it is an attitude of defense. It's actually very sensitive and absorbs love and affection from partners like no other in the world. HEMATITE and OBSIDIAN two black stones, so dark and menacing in appearance, so bright when exposed to light, even used as mirrors symbolize the ability to turn what is darkness into something clear and clear without compromise and lies.

  • Acquario


    January 21 / February 19

    Sign fixed, Air, ruled by Uranus and Saturn. It prefers the freedom and independence more than any other sosa. Takes into account the poor judgment and the advice of others. Prefers to err alone but with clear mind and spiritual feel they belong to all humanity, to the universe. LAPIS LAZULI is the stone indicated to overcome moments of anxiety and melancholy, while the SAPPHIRE symbolizes always the contact with the divine, then wisdom, generosity, loyalty and justice.

  • Pesci


    February 20 / March 20

    Sign of the mobile, Water, ruled by Jupiter. Its originality is matched only by his ability to give love and affection. He hates impositions, but proves to be a valuable partner when asked for help, barely separates dream and reality. As the liquid level in our body is balanced by the "sodium" so SODALITE is useful to adjust the level of quality of feelings and desires, typical of the sign, while the AQUAMARINE is shown to regulate and stimulate their purity.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items